There are 6 types of window that are perfect for your future home

Window served as an important role in house lighting and ventilation, therefore many families take note of the window style during renovation to make sure that it fits and looks best in the house. In fact, there are different types of windows available to make the house unique and warm.

Good windows illuminate the interior space can not only play a role, but also can purify everyone’s vision, play a protective role in vision.

There is an outstanding selection of window glass offered to suit everyone’s needs and wants to decorate their home.



Double hung windows

Do you know that double hung windows open vertically? Both sashes of the window normally slide, and screens can be installed outside of the window frame. Since it opens and closes without bulging, double hung windows are a good choice for rooms facing walkways, entrances or courtyards. They are also very easy to clean.


Skylights and roof lanterns

Imagine you can see the stars at night! That’s wonderful isn’t?  A skylight is a secure and fixed style window installed into a ceiling area. Skylights normally enable more light into an area than windows do, because of their access to direct sunlight. Skylights can be added to rooms with a straight shot to the roof of the home. They work better in rooms where light is limited because of extensions, other buildings or lack of an exterior wall. Many skylights are now customized with combined digital-controlled window blinds, and with heat-resistant coatings to make the house cosier. Skylines are definitely a brilliant sources of light throughout the day.


Awning windows

Awning windows are hanged at the top, and usually open outward. They can be fixed above, below or alongside an operating window. These windows come in a range of different size and shapes and are good for wet weather. Awning windows are frequently installed in basements where there’s not a lot of above-ground exterior wall or lesser spaces that require privacy but benefit from natural light transmission, like bathrooms the awning window is lifted up when opened.


Picture windows

Picture windows are usually large expanses of glass that are fixed and unable to open and close. Most of the time, you can see picture window being installed in a big house. Picture windows construct a portrait-like space on walls, bringing the wonderful view into the house. In picture windows, insulated glass is a good choice for added performance and increased comfort in the home.


Horizontal sliding windows

These windows slide open horizontally, can show two or more sashes and offer a nice opening for air ventilation. Horizontal sliding window are usually installed in the kitchen as they are simple to open and close when cooking. Sometimes, they’re used in areas where owners want the outdoor view to be maximized.


Casement windows

In these coming years, casements are becoming more and more popular because of their versatility and their energy proficiency. They are mostly used as a main window style and type in the living room in many houses and this concept are popular nationwide. Casement windows are hinged at the sides and open outward, with screens on the inside -and they offer some ventilation benefit in some situations. Casement windows are also one of the greatest energy-efficient windows available: when air blows against a casement window, it only helps to strengthen the seal and keep unwanted air out.